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Hey Check Out All the Fliers from back in the day,
1988-91 Era ..
I made em all printer friendly and ready for you 2 enjoy...

Holla Back at Me if You Went To The Old Skool Partiez!!


Chill Citty iz ALIVE and Well

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Old Skool
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Old Skool
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Old Skool Flier!!!

Old Skool Flier!!!
Hey Special Thanxx 2 Roland Baeza and Ronnie Galvan 4 sending in theze flierz, i havent seen in a WHOLE minute ... thx , rob
Chill Citty was originated back in the day, when we use to write rymes ... ("We're nationwide and ur petrified, ur cruizin Chill Citty and i'm ur guide), was the one that changed me. Me and A.C. Mike then called Chill Crew (named after the first piece of acid i i took, "chill pill") would show up at the partiez and terrorize the microphone. I started drawing party flyers after my "Homiez" Benny and Ruben (rip) asked if i could draw them one, and it took off from there. Although we traded the mic.'s in for budweisers, the party'in did'nt change. I hooked up with old skoolerz "Audio Sound"-which was then "Tall John" aka "Hotdog" and also Wootsie...which later handed the reigns down to Alex C. who is still with Chill Citty today ...
but lets not 4get Ralph and Joe B. true B-Boyz who still are Rockin" the clubs today, Audio 3 and Cartoon Capers came a little later but are still considered... "Old Skool".

So ya see, We're not new to the Party Scene...
Chill Citty was just on a 12 year vacation. =:^}

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